Student Support Services offers various services to ensure that students on the U of A campus are successful in their academic career. Some of these services include:

Student Development Specialist (SDS)

The Student Student Development Specialists provide academic, financial, career, graduate school, and personal counseling to eligible participants. The SDS are each assigned a specific number of students, this assists them in having the capability to personalize services essential to meeting the needs of each student. In addition, SDS assist participants in holistic planning and preparation and inform participants of academic, social, and cultural enrichment activities sponsored by the Student Support Services program. The Student Development Specialists are here to guide you from your first day on campus through to GRADUATION!

Tutorial Services

Tutoring is offered in a one-on-one or group setting, on an as needed basis. SSS participants have the opportunity to take advantage of these free services for courses such as English, foreign languages, math, and the sciences. Participants should visit with their SDS for more details.

High-Tech Computer Lab Facility

This advanced technology is available to SSS participants at no charge. The facility is located in Gregson Hall at the *Garden Level where the SSS offices are located. This affords SSS participants easy access to their specialist and this state-of-the-art computer lab.

Study Facility

Study facilities are open to all SSS participants. These facilities provide a clean and quiet study area with space for one-on-one tutoring and study groups. For more privacy, SSS participants can utilize two of the five soundproof study rooms specially designated for SSS participants. Additionally, participants can benefit from group tutoring and supplemental instruction provided by the ELC.

SSS Grant Aid Scholarships ($1000-$2000)

Student Support Services will offer grant aid funds to eligible participants during the Fall and Spring semester. To be eligible to receive these funds, participants must have an ACTIVE status, be PELL eligible, and have an unmet financial need. Priority is given to freshmen and sophomores who have an active status in the SSS program. For more information, please contact the Student Support Services office.

Other Services Include:

  • Goal Setting Assistance
  • Social and Cultural Enrichment
  • Study Skills
  • Etiquette Instruction
  • Career and Graduate School Instruction
  • Mentorship Opportunities
Viola Davis

Viola Davis

Student Support Services
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