Student Voices

This page was created to give current SSS participants and future graduates an opportunity to share their experience with the SSS program through words of inspiration or personal testimony. 

"Student Support Services has helped me in so many ways that I don't know where to begin. If I ever need to talk to someone, not only do I have Dr. Cobbs, my specialist, but also Dr. Burkett, and Mrs. Eason as well. They are like a home away from home; three mothers to supplement for my mother being two hundred miles away. I love being a part of SSS because it betters me as a person. I always felt I could teach myself without attending class, but due to SSS explaining the benefit of attending class, my grades have really improve. By attending class, I don't have to study as much anymore. SSS teaches me how to budget my finances and time a lot better. I've also received well-needed grants, as well as attended numerous activities through SSS. I love the program because I really feel a part of it. I have a voice. I get to share my ideas that I think will enhance the program for everyone. Overall Student Support Services is continuing to transform me into the responsible woman that I should be."
Secoryia Bullard, Accounting/Finance Major

"If you believe in yourself even 1/10th of what others believe of you, you can do EVERYTHING you set your mind to!"
Debi England, Pre-Chiropractic Major

"I became involved in Student Support Services in 2007 and this organization has lived up to its title. I have been provided with financial support, academic help, and that place to go when I needed someone to talk to. The staff has 100% understanding for any situation and always has an open door policy for any student who needs to come in. Furthermore, Student Support Services have a series of events for student to participate in such as banquets. Also, Student Support Services sponsors students to go on various activities i.e., to the movies. There is nothing negative about the Student Support Services Program or the staff." 
Whitney Jones, Biochemistry Major

"SSS is the main reason why I was able to get a 4.0 GPA my entire freshmen year. They provided free one-on-one tutoring for me in University Chemistry 1 & 2, Calculus, and Trigonometry."
Colby McKinney, Kinesiology, Pre-Dental Major

"My name is Courtney Johnson and I would like to say that Student Support Services has made my life much easier. I find it comforting to know that I have a counselor to meet with regularly who keeps me headed in a positive direction. It also allows me to voice my opinion in whether I need tutoring or any other type of assistance that they are generously providing. I hope to remain in the program until I receive my degree in Landscape Architecture."
Courtney Johnson, Landscape Architecture Major

"It has been a wonderful experience being part of Student Support Services. I have enjoyed all of the student services and activities provided through this organization. From financial aid, to concerts, and workshops, Student Support Services truly helps students with every aspect of being a successful student at the U of A campus."
Xenia Ragin, Interior Design Major

"SSS has truly made my transition from high school to college much easier. The staff realizes each student has different needs and accommodates those needs. I feel like SSS has helped me maximize my potential even as a freshman."
Denise Wick, Kinesiology Major

"Student Support Services is always there for me to listen and befriend with. They are always encouraging me to do my best even under pressure.The support that I receive from them is extraordinary beyond what I expected. They make the college experiences a little less stressful financially and emotionally. I am so thankful to be part of this wonderful group."
May Vue, Human Development and Family Science Major

 "The staff of SSS has served as mentors to me throughout my time at the U of A. SSS has been a support system to me beginning my freshman year even throughout my decision to attend graduate school. I am very grateful for my experience."                                                                                                                                                 Whitnee Boyd, Retail Marketing Major

"Student Support Services has been a major impact in my academic career in many ways. If there was anytime I needed a motivational push, it would always be one of the wonderful women of SSS to give me that boost of confidence to succeed. Now going into my junior year, I will use all of the great activities and events planned by SSS to continue with my growth as a person and student."
Xavier Scaife, Sociology/Criminal Justice Major

"Some people cannot listen to a person vent negatively while they are on edge. With all the crazy issues I encountered this semester, I didn't think ANYONE could help me conquer them. However, having a mentor that has "been there and done that" makes college life a WHOLE lot easier. Much thanks to Dr. Cobbs, I have been broken down and rebuilt into the strong-minded individual that she always knew I could be. Thanks ma'am!"
TaHara Y. Williams, Social Work Major

"Dr. Cobbs has been a blessing in my life. Thanks to her I was able to start nursing school with appropriate supplies, books, and a strong motivation to fight any obstacle that came my way. She has been there when I have needed a shoulder to cry on, or someone to share my accomplishments. She is one of my biggest inspirations because she always reminds me that "I can do this, that I was meant to come this far". Although nursing school keeps me pretty busy, I want you to know you will always be one my strong pillars as I continue to with this journey. Thank you for everything Dr. Cobbs, and continue making a difference in the education of SSS participants. You truly are a blessing."
Rocio Pena, Nursing Major

"SSS has helped me so much. The activities and programs provided by Student Support Services are extremely beneficial. The other month I attended a seminar to help manage stress. It helped a great deal! I used the techniques taught in the seminar to calm my nerves while I prepared to take some difficult exams. Needless to say the results were amazing. I am so glad that this seminar was offered. I love SSS and the people working so hard to make it what it is. I can't wait to see what else is in store for the future."
Samantha Wiley, Retail Marketing Major

"The care and support that I have received and been witness to since joining SSS is like nothing else. I really appreciate how The Doctors are available to provide guidance and wisdom at anytime and how their compassion goes beyond the four walls of their office. Student Support Services is truly a great experience."
Terrance L. Boyd, Retail Accounting Major

"SSS is a great booster program that finds what students need help with; such as research, resources, and advising. Of course, that's only a fraction of what they do."
Houa Xiong, Communication Major

"Student Support Services is just simply GREAT!!!!! Staff is wonderful, caring, and they are always there to listen! I am so excited to be apart of an exceptionally great program!"
Timothy R. Williams, Communication Major

"Student- this is representation of the blood line that keeps this program alive. Support- this would be nothing without the love and devotion that has carried me through the years! Services- countless ways that have aided me from past and present to ensure my future! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us!"
Kimberly Janssen, Criminal Justice, Sociology, African and African American Studies Major

"Student Support Services has helped me, motivated, and prepared me. Student Support Services played a tremendous part in seeing me to graduation! Without this program, I truly don't know if I could have made it to graduation. The staff at the University of Arkansas Student Support Services have been exceptional. They have a way of developing a relationship with each and every student within the program. I am so happy to have gotten involved and continued to stay in the program!"
Klassic Hopson, Human Resource Management Major, Marketing Minor, African and African American Studies Minor

"SSS has been there for me through all of my hard times as well as my great days. They are a GREAT support system and they really care about the success of their participants. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful and I pray that SSS continues to be a blessing in students' lives!"
Jerrica D. Burns, Criminal Justice/ African and African American Studies Major

"Student Support Services has been like a family to me while at the U of A. The staff is always proactive in the students' education, always willing to lend an ear or give advice when needed. Student Support Services also helps me get connected with other activities, departments, events, and other students on campus that share my common career goals. I advise any student incoming or already in attendance at the U of A to apply to be a part of this great program."
Philip Bankston, Health Science Major

"I feel that Student Support Services has helped and opened up many doors for me. This organization has not only bettered me as a student, but also as a young man. I have had the chance to meet new people who can help me throughout life. I have developed better study habits and became better at managing my time. SSS has put me in contact with the Professional Development Institute whom has help me sharpen my interview skills. I encourage anyone to become a member of SSS because they really do help uphold the motto that "Excellence is the Expectation!"
GeJuan Jordan, Mathematics Major

"Student Support Services was one of the most influential and important programs during my college career. They offered not only academic and cultural enrichment programs that supplemented my college life, but I looked at the program as one very big family away from home. The memories that I've made with the other participants, whether it was while doing community service, working in the office, attending seminars and other events, or singing in our SSS chorale; I will never forget just how much fun we had. The Specialists are always readily available for advice or encouragement when school or personal life tends to get the best of you, and for that I'll always be appreciative. I can truly say that without SSS I don't know if I would have made it to graduation in one piece! When students ask me about our program I encourage them to apply because I believe that every college student could benefit from what we have to offer, I can't promise it'll be perfect, but I can say it'll be one of the best decisions you ever make."
Courtney Bradford, Anthropology/ African and African American Studies Major, History Minor

"Forget the things that hurt you, value the things that help you and forsake the things that hinder you." -Anonymous
Dexter Josh Freeman II, Computer Science Major